Tenancy Support Program

MHACA has a long history of advocating for safe, secure and affordable housing, and the need for adequate support for tenants with mental health challenges.

The Tenancy Support Program is a participant-centred case management service with a focus on achieving sustainable tenancies tailored to individuals living with severe and persistent mental health issues.

The Tenancy Support Program develops a tailored plan to meet the specific needs of individuals and to help sustain their tenancies including through tenancy support, advocacy, case management, financial planning and referrals to other services.

The program:

  • Helps participants to develop an understanding of their obligations under the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Provides education about the Public Housing Safety Officers (if applicable)
  • Develops a holistic and participant-centred case management plan for every participant

Who can participate?

Public housing tenants, or persons who are eligible for public housing in terms of income but are not eligible for other available tenancy support services. This may be because they are not in public housing or on the public housing waiting list due to past problems or reasons associated with their mental health, and are staying in private, community or temporary accommodation or are homeless.


  • Have a diagnosed psychiatric disability
  • Require mental health assessment, referral and support services, or
  • Have complex needs that include mental illness

Participants can be referred by the Department of Housing, other agencies, or through a self-referral process. To be eligible, participants must have a psychiatric disability or be experiencing mental health difficulties. The program has the capacity to support twenty-eight clients at any one time.

Mental Health Tenancy Support Referral Form