Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the huge amount of information available about mental health and mental illness. In this section we have done the hard work and pulled together a few of our favourite publications, websites and apps so that you don’t have to.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression: An information booklet (Beyond Blue)

A guide to what works for Anxiety Disorders (Beyond Blue)

A guide to what works for Depression (Beyond Blue)

Fact Sheet: Panic Disorder (Beyond Blue)

Fact Sheet: Post-traumatic stress disorder (SANE)

Other mental illnesses

Fact Sheet: Psychosis (SANE)

Fact Sheet: Schizophrenia (SANE)

Fact Sheet: Bipolar Disorder (SANE)


The Little Red Threat Book  (MHACA)

Suicide Prevention: Knowing the Signs (Beyond Blue)


Fact Sheet: Treatments (SANE)