Mental Health Resources

MHACA has developed a range of resources to encourage people to seek help early for mental health challenges or suicidal thoughts, as well as to promote lifestyle interventions to support good mental health.

If you need or someone else needs help please see local and online support options on our Seeking Help page.

MHACA is improving mental health literacy in Central Australia through the development and distribution of the following resources:

Need Support For Your Mental Health?

This resource encourages people to reach out for help if they are feeling down, and provides a number of support options for people to consider. It has also been adapted into a short animation.

Download the “Need Support For Your Mental Health?” flyer here.

Do You Need Support For Someone Else’s Mental Health?

This animation provides advice for people concerned about others with mental health challenges, and ways to encourage the person to seek help.

Feeling Sad or Worried?

The Feeling Sad or Worried? resources encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to reach out if they are experiencing mental health difficulties, provides a listing of 24 hour phone supports and local organisations that can provide support.

Download the “Feeling Sad Or Worried?” flyer here

A short “Feeling Sad Or Worried?” animation has been created which has also been translated into the Arrernte, Warlpiri and Pitjantjatjara languages.

Feeling Sad or Worried (Arrernte Language)

Feeling Sad or Worried (Pitjantjatjara Language)

Feeling Sad Or Worried (Warlpiri Language)

Taking Care of People With Worries

Taking Care Of People With Worries is a short video that provides some suggestions for how to care for someone who has too many worries and may want to hurt themselves or even end their life.

Taking Care Of People With Worries – Arrernte Language

Keeping Everyone Safe

Keeping Everyone Safe is a short video that provides advice for when someone threatens to end their life to get something they want.

The animation has been developed by the MHACA, with the support of the Central Australian Life Promotion Network, and is adapted from the Little Red Threat Book, which provides a community response to the issue of suicide being used as a threat.

Keeping Everyone Safe – Arrernte Language

Healthy Bodies Support Healthy Minds

Lifestyle choices can have a big impact on mental health. People with poorer physical health are at a greater risk for certain mental illnesses, whilst looking after your body can greatly improve your overall sense of wellbeing. Download the Healthy Bodies Support Healthy Minds flyer or see tips on how you can improve overall wellbeing here.

Support For Parents With Teenagers In Crisis

Having a teenager in crisis can be an isolating experience and can impact on the whole of the family’s wellbeing. It is important parents reach out and seek help for their own mental health. There are a range of online and local services available to provide support – download the Support For Parents With Teenagers in Crisis flyer here

Supporting Your Mental Health As A Carer

Caring for someone can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. It is important carers can take time and receive support to maintain their wellbeing. Download the Supporting Your Mental Health As A Carer flyer here