Career Opportunity – Housing and Homelessness Support Worker

MHACA has a long history of advocating for safe, secure, and affordable housing, and the need for adequate support for tenants with mental health difficulties. MHACA currently runs a Tenancy Support Program (TSP) and Coordinated Living on Arrernte Country (CLOAC).

The Tenancy Support Program is a person-centred, short-term program that supports people who are homeless or facing homelessness to find safe and secure accommodation.

The Coordinated Living on Arrernte Country (CLOAC) program is based on the Housing First principles to deliver focused intervention aimed at assisting people to access stable housing with coordinated wrap around support arrangements. The objective of the project is to provide a stable environment that fosters the participant’s recovery and supports them to stabilize their housing situation.

The Housing and Homelessness Support Worker (HHSW) will work across MHACA’s housing and homelessness programs specifically the Tenancy Support Program (TSP) and CLOAC.


Role Specific

  • Work with individuals whose tenancy is at risk and provide advice to people who do not have a tenancy but are looking to establish one.
  • Assist clients to explore their options in relation to obtaining housing and in overcoming barriers to securing and maintaining  tenancies.
  • Work with clients to develop the life skills and knowledge required to maintain tenancies.
  • Conduct assessments of new program participants and work with them to develop plans to maximise their chances of maintaining their tenancy.
  • Conduct referrals for program participants to appropriate programs and services both within and outside of MHACA.
  • Support activities such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, shopping, and personal grooming.
  • Provide appropriate and correct tenancy related information to program participants and others, as necessary.
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to provide quality support and care to ensure effective service delivery in accordance with program deliverables.
  • Collaborate with other community partner organisations to achieve the participant’s recovery goals.
  • Build capacity, utilise a strength- based approach and encourage self-determination and resilience.
  • Advocate on behalf of program participants and negotiate with Government and non-Government Services, landlords, co-tenants, and other housing providers.

For a full job description and application details click this link; Housing and Homelessness Support Worker PD