Olympic festivities at MHACA

Our Day to Day Living Program and Drop In Centre were buzzing through August with a special atmosphere celebrating personal achievement and cultural diversity, coinciding with the Olympic Games.

We kicked off the festival with a pancake breakfast on the 5th August, where the MHACA Olympic torch was lit. Thanks to Mike our Training Co-ordinator we had a fun competition with close to 50 people in the MHACA community being allocated 5 countries creating much hilarity as the medal tallies were revealed each day. Many participants researched their countries and conversations about different countries and cultures were heard around MHACA every day.

We know our Participants have lots of talent and are very creative. Australian and Olympic novelty items like flags, torches and decorations were created, and MHACA was decorated to bring the Olympic atmosphere and spirit into our service, inspiring us all to get healthy and fit.

Participants were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals at our closing celebration which was a special luncheon of multi-cultural cuisine. Over 50 people enjoyed many delicious and different dishes and some great live music provided by participants. The spirit of the Olympics was truly captured during those two weeks.

Olympic closing ceremony lunch

MHACA olympic torch