Ending the Stigma of Mental Health Illnesses.

It is just a mental illness – I can help you understand….

What happens when you are first diagnosed with a mental health illness and how do you manage the stigma?

It is also probable that you will get stuck finding a way of talking to people about it.  Now that your health professional has said you are suffering from a diagnosed mental health illness; you may feel both a relief and concern. You may well find an immediate sense that something feels ‘different’, but everything is still the same.

Is it my mental health?

How is the diagnosis going to impact on you and the people who love you? What parts of your diagnosis do you want to discuss with family and friends? How and what do you tell other people?

This is a short video of people discussing how a mental health diagnosis has impacted on them or their family member. What happened to their confidence and how they continued to function in society; and how they decided make a difference by opening up the conversations about mental health.

As a result: we all need to keep this conversation going!