Mental Health Awareness Training

MHACA provides a range of accredited, targeted and bespoke training courses to organisations, professionals and community members.

We work with government and non- government organisations, businesses and communities to increase organisational and individual capacity to respond to mental health issues by providing relevant and current training and awareness raising workshops.

We aim to increase the awareness and understanding of mental health, mental illness and suicide in Central Australia. We believe that by providing the community with the skills to respond to individuals currently experiencing mental distress we decrease the stigma and demystify mental illness making safer, well and happy communities

Currently MHACA offers the following workshops to the Central Australian Community:

MHFA (Mental Health First Aid)

Mental Health First Aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, or who is in a mental health crisis (e.g., the person is suicidal or is having a traumatic experience). Like physical first aid, mental health first aid is given until the person receives professional help or until the crisis is resolved.

The 12-hour Mental Health First Aid course teaches adults (18 years and over) how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Tailored courses in Mental Health

We are able to create and deliver structured learning for organisations, professional groups, industries and community members that is tailored for your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Who can get involved in our education programs?

Our training workshops are open to all adults who live and work in the Central Australian region.

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