Mission, vision and values

Our Vision

For people with mental illness and their families to live with hope, healing, respect, safety and opportunity.
For communities and services in Central Australia to foster mental, emotional and spiritual good health.

Our Mission

To support participant-driven mental health recovery and to assist communities and organisations to actively improve mental health and well-being.

Our values

We are Participant-Driven: MHACA operates in accordance with a model of recovery that is voluntary and participant-driven. Participants have choice about the services they receive and how to approach their own recovery. We also tailor our training programs to the needs of participants so it is more relevant and culturally meaningful to them.

We are Collaborative: MHACA recognises that the best services and training will be provided when agencies work collaboratively with each other and with participants and community members. This is what makes us a strong and successful service.

We promote Hope and Recovery: Hope is the fundamental building block for recovery from mental illness. It is possible for people with mental illness to live full and creative lives. We aim to create an environment of hope and opportunity in which people can grow and reach their full potential in all spheres of life.

We are Inclusive: We acknowledge the cultural diversity in Central Australia, especially the many Aboriginal communities as Australia’s first peoples. We work to ensure that all people with mental illness, regardless of their cultural background, feel safe to come to MHACA and are able to access services, education and training.

We Respect: We respect the lived experience of people with mental illness. We value their voices in shaping MHACA’s services and creating social and systems change to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. We encourage and support participants to have a strong voice in the community.

We Support Growth: MHACA is about increasing the skills and opportunities of people with mental illness and promoting their growth. We also increase the skills and opportunities of our staff and support them to grow in their jobs so they can provide the best possible services to participants and the community.

… MHACA is committed to complying with the National Standards for Mental Health Services in everything we do.